Organic Children T-Shirts

There are several things that trouble me about children's fashion. Even before I became a mother, I always wondered why all sweaters had stereotyped writings on them such as: "THE GREAT ADVENTURER'' or even  "PRINCESS FOR LIFE". 

These types of clothes are often too short. (Why are children's sweaters always so short? We always see the belly!) and often times, they are too tight. I am fully aware that tastes vary from person to person, but comfort is not negotiable! So we have designed UNIS jerseys for you! They are made out of bamboo (70%) and cotton (30%). 

I will not cover all the properties associated with our bamboo fabrics again, but I would like to emphasize that our clothing is organic-certified. Put it this way, it's not only great for our planet, but it's also great for us! 

That being said, we worked on a much longer cut. In addition, the rounded shape of the sweater and the slits on each side of the hips allow children to move freely without having their bellies exposed. 

Let's not forget the beautiful look accentuated with coconut buttons! That said, you'll absolutely want and need one of each color! :) Oh! You should also know that no matter what your choice of color; your sweaters will always match ALL your Little Yogi attire.