Moonchild T-shirt

Their longer and larger aspect, rounded hem and side slit are what make our t-shirts so special. They are the nicest and comfiest kids’ t-shirts on the market! We are more than proud to offer you certified organic and environmentally friendly products.

Knowing that the fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world, doing more to preserve our beautiful planet is essential at Little Yogi.

The name of this t-shirt was inspired by the ˮ moon childʺ, which is a child with a unique and curious soul and whose spirit lives in a world of fantasy and imagination. At Little Yogi, we believe that all children on this planet have this little dreamer side in them.

Made from certified organic bamboo (64%), cotton (28%) and elastane (8%), our t-shirts let kids move without always having their belly show.

Fun fact: the print of this t-shirt was, at the beginning, on one of our tapestries inside our workshop. We were so in love with this pattern that we decided to print it on our t-shirts!

We hope that your little moon child will love it as much as we do!