• T-Shirt Little Pugs Corail
  • T-Shirt Little Pugs Corail
  • T-Shirt Little Pugs Corail

Little Pug Coral - tshirt

There are many things that bother me in children’s fashion. Even before I was a mom, I wondered why all sweaters had big scripts that were too often stereotyped; “THE GREAT ADVENTURER” vs “PRINCESS FOR LIFE”. Clothes are often too short (Why are kids’ sweaters so short? You always see their belly!) and too tight. Tastes vary, but comfort is not to be discussed!

Made from bamboo, they are as good for us as they are for the planet! For our tops, we worked on a much longer fit, a rounded hem and side slits that let kids move without always showing their belly !

This season, we are offering a printed t-shirt, the coral Little Pugs! Very cool as a total look or combined with a jegging for an urban look.

**For a perfect #twinning, you will need the daddy version! 😉

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