• Pyjama Little Dear - Enfant
  • Pyjama Little Dear - Enfant
  • Pyjama Little Dear - Enfant

Town & Country Pajama - Kid

We’ve been dreaming of this pajama for months and it’s finally here! The trendiest, comfiest and softest Christmas PJ IN THE WORLD.

I don’t know why, but the wood veneer from my mother’s Caravan Town & Country marked my youth. This is the kind of car model that makes me automatically smile. Well, you must know that I have a funny relationship with cars. My father has worked in this industry all his life, and it is the great passion of my boyfriend. I wanted to give a little shout out to all these beautiful people because, after all, it’s the essence holiday magic!

We invite you to enter our holiday madness with this perfect pajama kit! The idea is to “twin” with all your family, and to create the most kitsch photos!

You MUST share your holidays family photos with us!

Available in VERY limited quantities.

Also available in adult sizes.

Due to the limited number and high demand of pajamas NO EXCHANGE OR REFUNDS.

Size Chart - Length X Width

0-6m - Top : 10.5'' X 20'', Pant : 19'' X 22''

6-12m - Top : 13'' X 22.5'', Pant : 23'' X 25.5''

1-3T - Top : 15'' X 25'', Pant : 26'' X 26''

3-5T - Top : 16.5'' X 26.5'', Pant : 29'' X 29''