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Little Map Muslin

Wondering why our muslins are a favourite?

It’s simple: they’re made from an ultra-soft and light, finely woven fabric; certified organic bamboo (70%) and cotton (30%), a material that allows air to circulate and baby’s body to breathe. Bamboo also has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. Our muslins will provide softness, comfort, and durability for a long time (because we know they will not want to part with them). Oh, and the more you wash them, the softer they’ll become!

Knowing that babies put everything in their mouths and fabric dyes are extremely bad for their health, the ink used at Little Yogi is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

The Little Yogi version of ''Where's Waldo?''!

Inspired by all our previous designs, we have created a pair of pants that will take you on a journey into the playful and colourful world of Little Yogi! An open-minded world without gender stereotypes, aware of its environment. Your little ones will recognize our hippos, whales, koalas and all our other animals.

Will they be able to find them all? Let’s play!

Dimensions: 50" x 40"

All individual muslins come in an organic cotton pouch from our friends at Dans le sac.