Harem Little Migthy Dinosaurs

The ultimate grow-with-me pants, Little Yogi’s Harem is without a doubt the garment little ones and their parents love most! Stylish, comfy, made from organic bamboo and cotton, these pants are made to be loved and worn for a long, long time.

The Little Mighty Dinosaurs are clearly our favourite! Your little dinosaur fans will recognize the famous diplodocus with his long neck, the stegosaurus and the triceratops. These grow-with-me pants are easy to match with our Waffle Caramel t-shirt or our Earth hoodie.

Let the world hear you ROAR!!!

** With the purchase of a Mighty Dinosaurs Harem, Little Yogi commits to donating $1 to the WWP Foundation. We are well aware that we will not bring back the dinosaurs. However, we do support the conservation of species at risk and the protection of endangered habitats and we wish to get involved in the issues raised by climate change. For more information: https://wwf.ca/