• T-shirt Waffle Peachy
  • T-shirt Waffle Peachy
  • T-shirt Waffle Peachy

T-shirt Waffle Peachy

Did you know that the famous t-shirt was once worn as an undergarment? Yes, it was the soldiers of the United States Navy in the early 1900s that greatly contributed to its current popularity. At that time, the t-shirt was worn as a regulation undershirt under the uniforms.

Now worn as a full-fledged garment, t-shirts are definitely a MUST in every wardrobe! Your little warriors can play soldiers all day long in our t-shirts made from recycled plastic bottles. A longer cut that doesn’t ride up on the belly, allowing them to move around no matter what the activity.

Our new neutral Peachy shade is a nice slightly orange light pink, inspired by the sweet fruit that is the peach. A colour that will add a little calm and sweetness to your little one’s wardrobe this fall.

PLEASE NOTE that Little Yogi will not accept any returns related to shrinkage factor. All patterns have been adjusted accordingly. 
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