One-piece Little tiger

Our cute one piece is back with an updated cut. Comfortable, it offers a perfect fit in the back.

Little Yogi is more than proud to offer you a swimsuit made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. A superior quality fabric that is antibacterial and moisture wicking. Our material also protects kids’ skin against UV sunlight.

Our Little Tiger pays tribute to Asia’s iconic mammal; the strongest and biggest feline on earth. Its aspect is unique, its stripes are like an ID card, a DNA that helps differentiate it from the rest of the pack.

Even if the tiger is a powerful animal, it is endangered; this feline being killed for its rare beauty and fur. To this day, there are only 3900 tigers alive.

For more information, visit the World Wildlife Fund website at

By buying from Little Yogi, you encourage a local Quebec business, and you recycle 8 plastic bottles!

A small gesture that can make a big difference!

Available in size 0-6m, 6-12m, 1-2T, 3-4T and 5-6T.

Made from 75% recycled polyester and 25% spandex

  • $37.70
  • $58.00

Customer Reviews

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Taille: Parfait
Qualité du matériel: Meilleure
maillot fille

wow wow wow!! le print est parfait et le tissus est si doux!

Merci Little Yogi

Merci à toi pour ton bon feedback Christine ❤️
Team Little Yogi xx

Taille: Petit
Qualité du matériel: Exacte
Maillot fille

Très beau, facile à ajuster mais il n’est pas fait grand… j’ai pris le 3-4 pour ma bientôt 3ans qui porte encore du 1-3 LY et ça fera probablement que cet été…

Le one piece est facilement ajustable au niveau des bretelles.
Merci pour ton achat Véro !

Team Little Yogi xx