• Little Paresseux Harem
  • Little Paresseux Harem

Little Paresseux Harem

Our Swaggers harems have proven themselves over the past 6 years! Not only for their look, but also for their comfort and durability.

Always made from the softest materials available. A simple and eco-friendly recipe: our premium blend of certified organic bamboo and cotton.

The sloth, the slowest animal in the world: its scientific name, Bradypus, means “slow feet” in Greek. This animal lives in the forests of Central and South America, nestled in the trees, where it spends most of its hours sleeping, 90% of the time with its head upside down. Did you know?

The morphology of a sloth’s face gives the impression that it smiles constantly, even when it is in pain, stressed or anxious. Unfortunately, tourists too often take selfies with them thinking they are happy! We need to respect their space and their “slow everything” way of life.

This print is full of softness and lightness. Who doesn’t love cocooning?

Made of 64% organic bamboo, 28% organic cotton and 8% elastane.

Available in sizes 0-6m, 6-12m, 1-3T, 3-5T and 5-7T.

Please refer to our size chart to help you pick the right size!

PLEASE NOTE that Little Yogi will refuse all returns regarding the shrinkage factor. All patterns have been adjusted accordingly.

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Customer Reviews

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Vanessa Buisson-Gentilhomme
Taille: Parfait
Qualité du matériel: Meilleure
En amour!

« Nouveau » tissus ultra doux (je comprend pas quand la compagnie va atteinte une limite de douceur ahahah c’est absolument incroyable de collection en collection!

Un peu plus mince au touché que la collection précédente par contre mais ma fille les adore!!

Awnnn mercciii!
On comprend de mieux en mieux le langage du textile! C'est notre expertise qui se sent au bout des doigts hihi. Pour la matière plus mince, dirais-tu que tu trouves cela sur tout le harems, ou plutôt au niveau des bandes?
Comme la matière est teinte et tissé au niveau des bandes, la technique est un peu différente et offre un touché différent. Il s'agit tout de même de la même matière :)
Merci de ton commentaire, c'est très apprécié
Team LY