• Short Little Aztec
  • Short Little Aztec

Little Aztec short

Aztec civilization lived in central Mexico from 1300 to 1521, in a region regrouping 3 cities, which is currently Mexico City. The Aztecs mainly lived from their art, including cotton weaving, which this print is inspired by.

We bet our Mexican print, in a short version, with its evolutive band and unfinished hem that you can roll and unroll to adjust the length, is going to fit your kid next summer too!

Made from bamboo (70%), cotton (25%) and elastane (5%).

Did you know that our illustrations are drawn by hand? They are completely exclusive! They are first painted in watercolour before being digitalized and printed with nontoxic ink on our high-quality fabrics especially woven for us! Quality and social and environmental consciousness can rhyme with fashion!

  • $43.00