Harem Little Jeggings

When it comes to clothing, there is nothing more convenient than a pair of jeans. They're simple and go with everything. The only thing is that I find them so uncomfortable! I wanted to create jeans that would still be stylish, but super comfy! I developed the Little Jeggings, an organic denim, stretchable in two directions! Plus they have organic bamboo bands which are so soft and comfortable! Bamboo is well known as a durable fabric and it is great for both hot and cool climates. Bamboo clothing offers built-in temperature control. It traps warm air in its cross-sectional fibers to keep you warm in the winter, while its breathable nature and wicking properties keep moisture at bay for greater comfort in hot weather. Let’s just say that our harem designs and the real pockets make them look fabulous and distinguish our #littlejeggings from all the others!

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