• Dormeuse Waffle Emeraud
  • Dormeuse Waffle Emeraud
  • Dormeuse Waffle Emeraud

Dormeuse Waffle Emeraud

"I’m exhausted.

I’ve been hoping all day that you’d finally fall asleep.

A little rest for me. A little space for my body and head.

It’s 2 AM.

You’re sleeping tight.

But I can’t stop staring at you.

It’s so big."


Our famous sleeping gown is THE essential garment for all newborns! Its cut makes it easy to put on and is so cute. Our sleepers have this elongated cut and a bow at the bottom to make baby position himself like in is mom’s belly, which makes diaper changes a breeze! This sleeper also has little mittens integrated into the sleeves!

The thermoregulating fabric, bamboo, allows the baby to keep the right temperature from 0 to 3 months.

Made from recycled plastic bottles, its texture renders this garment even softer and more comfortable. By buying this sleeper at Little Yogi, not only do you encourage a Quebec, scalable, unisex and eco-responsible business, but you recycle nine plastic bottles.

A small gesture that can make a big difference!