Dormeuse Waffle Burgundy

I am a child of the moon

Being raised by the sun

In a world walked by stars

And a sky drawn with flower

-Zara Ventris

Our famous sleeping gown is THE essential garment for all newborns! Its cut makes it easy to put on and is so cute. Our sleepers have this elongated cut and a bow at the bottom to make baby position himself like in is mom’s belly, which makes diaper changes a breeze! This sleeper also has little mittens integrated into the sleeves!

The thermoregulating fabric, bamboo, allows the baby to keep the right temperature from 0 to 3 months.

Fun fact: the print of this t-shirt was, at the beginning, on one of our tapestries inside our workshop. We were so in love with this pattern that we decided to print it on our t-shirts!